Broomees India, a Delhi/Gurgaon based startup offering trained and reliable domestic help, cooks and babysitters, is going to impact lives of millions of women with aspirations!

“Spoke to one lady today who graduated from our training batch yesterday! She couldn’t believe that she was being employed for INR 16,000 for 10 hours of work. She had tried finding jobs herself but could barely earn INR 5,000.” says Niharika Jain, Founder and CSO, Broomees, on interviewing one of the first training batches.

“With our guidance and training, her salary is now 3x of what she used to earn! Teary-eyed, she couldn’t stop thanking us and smiling.”

Team Broomees expresses immense gratitude for these workers who put their trust in young startups! The trio (Vaibhav Agrawal – CEO, Saurav Kumar – COO and Niharika Jain – CSO) are on a mission to empower 100,000+ women by end of 2022! While their primary job is to provide top quality services to the customers, they are known to take a stand for these workers when nobody else does. Broomees India took a clear stand against some client locations where 15 minutes of break was all that was given for a continuous 11 hour work schedule which involved cleaning a 6BHK, cooking 3 meals, dusting, laundry etc., and boycotted those societies.

“The clients refused to understand how an hour break was not just needed but mandatory as per the law.” says Saurav, who heads operations and has run an NGO for the underprivileged before working on his brainchild, Broomees.

Broomees India has issued refunds and has refused to provide a replacement because of unpleasant working conditions in many such locations in Delhi and Gurgaon. Some clients also happen to be senior managers or partners of very reputed firms and threaten the company with a legal notice. But, that has never stopped Broomees from doing what they do!

” What will we be charged for? For demanding an hour’s break for a poor woman who needs rest?” says Vaibhav Agrawal on being asked if Broomees has ever felt threatened.

Food for thought – we keep cribbing about how our workers aren’t professional. Forget about treating them like professionals, do we even treat them like humans in the first place?

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