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When you are suffering from chronic knee pain, It is one of the first things you feel while waking up in the morning, and experiencing an achy, creaky feeling that throbs dully. You feel it in nearly every step you take and every time you get up off a chair. And it retains itself when you are trying to fall asleep, a task made tougher by that constant sensation. 

This knee pain can arrive suddenly or gradually, all at once or throughout the accretion of years. It can be taken as a symptom of some problem or the problem itself. In most cases, chronic knee pain is all of these things all at once. 

Living with knee pain happens to be a constant challenge but there exist plenty of ways for getting better. Before arriving at the solution, let’s first look at the causes behind it.

Common Causes

Not everyone has the same reason for their knee problems. It depends from person to person, age to age, and varies according to health conditions.

There are plenty of reasons why people suffer from chronic knee pain including a sudden injury that never heals right, but most of the time, it comes from

  • Excessive weight gain/loss
  • Cartilage getting torn
  • Accidental wear and tear
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis or Arthritis 
  • Gout
  • Infections
  • Tendonitis

Although these are not the only reasons, they are the most common ones. You can suffer knee pain from an issue, with your exercise routine, with your gait, or just from sitting or lying too much.


Sudden pain is excruciatingly terrible. If you whack your knee on a table, it will definitely hurt. You might be laid up for a day or two but the pain passes away eventually. 

That is not the case with chronic knee pain. While there exist several different definitions of “chronic”, the most accepted one is pain that lasts for more than 4-6 months. 

How does one feel during this pain? Some of the most common symptoms related to chronic knee pain are:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Sensitivity 

These persist. It might not throb with every step you are taking, but every step will somehow remind you of this pain. By the end of the day, you will feel like all you need is to get off your feet, crash into a hot or cold bath, put those legs up, and try to not do anything until you actually need to. 

Needless to say, severe chronic knee pain limits what you can do and what you wish to do with your life. That is why people look forward to taking medical advice, including therapy, for real pain relief.   

Are Therapeutic treatments beneficial?

There exists several options for treating chronic knee pain. Perhaps the most common one remains ignoring it and hoping for it to get better. That is obviously never recommended. Two of the other most common techniques are injectables and pain medication.

These anti-inflammatories and injections are crucial for maintaining your lifestyle and living it with comfort. If your doctor recommends either of these, they can surely create a material difference in your life. 

But of course, they are treatments for the symptoms, and not the actual causes. For working on those causes, there are two long-term solutions: therapy and surgery. 

Only a few years back, knee replacement used to be rare but now is performed over 600,000 times a year only in America. That is because surgeons have gotten extremely brilliant at replacing knees in ways that help people get on with their lives and attain full recoveries. 

Now, therapy can help without any surgical treatments. It is a sustainable and long-term method of doing more than just reducing pain. It can help in creating better habits and instilling more body knowledge so that one can live healthier. 

Best time to start therapy?

It is “right away”. The reason is simple.   

When one is suffering from chronic knee pain for any reason, life gets harder. Exercising, Walking,  and simply living also becomes a challenge. Despite that, people often get a little nervous about getting started. 

Why? There are several reasons. People worry about the cost, the commitment of time, and the efficacy. They believe that it is easier to not do anything and hope the pain goes away than to take up the effort of stepping into therapy. 

Why is stepping into therapy as soon as possible so vital?

At park sports physical therapy it is believed that one can get a quicker recovery time if they are early.

Start now and potentially notice measurable results in just a matter of weeks.

You will experience fewer Complications if you start early. Since Injuries can compound, taking care of them now prevents worse outcomes.

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