Duplex Steel S31803 Wire Mesh

What is the Duplex Steel Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh, also known as wire fabric or wire cloth, is a widely used and flexible textile with a limitless number of uses. A wire mesh can be manufactured in an unlimited number of parameters depending on the requirements and utilities. Welding or weaving are two methods for creating a mesh. Its major function is to provide filtering for programs that require it. It is seen in common appliances such as mosquito nets, animal fences, strainers, window nets, and so on for this specification. Gutter lids, ventilation guards, security mesh, machinery, animal shelters, fireplace screens, and stairwell panels are some of the most complicated uses for wire mesh.

With more chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen in our Duplex S31803 Wire Mesh, pitting corrosion resistance improves. As a result, the PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) values of this Duplex S32205 Wire Mesh are higher than those of conventional austenitic grades. Our Duplex Steel S31803 Wire Mesh exhibits results that are comparable to a super-austenitic 904L when exposed to a typical medium of H2S sour gas for 720 hours.

Applications of Duplex Steel Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is a more durable and sturdy option than woven mesh. Welded mesh is suited for heavy-duty applications such as security fencing and safety net applications. This mesh has been welded together to create a big perforated sheet. Welded wire mesh is more reliable than woven mesh because it has a stronger reinforced connection.

Knit Mesh

Knit mesh is popular because of its innovative and distinctive design. It looks like a piece of woolen knit cloth, but it’s made of steel or stainless steel. It’s quite strong and may be used to build hen coops, pig pens, garden fences, and yards, among other things. This mesh structure is primarily intended to keep animals safe and prevent them from escaping farms. The knitting method, however, is the same as for knitting cloth, i.e. “crochet method.” Knit wire meshes come in a variety of shapes and styles as a result.

Woven Wire Mesh

A woven wire mesh resembles a net with many small holes or apertures. This sort of wire mesh or wire cloth is used as a security and mosquito-repellent guard in windows and doors. A woven wire mesh put on a door or window allows for a comfortable flow of air while also keeping pests and insects out. Spray paint the woven wire mesh to match the color of the doors and windows. The mesh can be embellished with creative artwork to enhance its visual appeal.

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