Overbed Table with Plastic Top

Four sturdy castors allow the Overbed Table with Plastic Top to be wheeled in to position. The table allows bed-bound individuals to read, write, dine and use a computer more easily. Featuring a plastic top for easy cleaning and a raised lip along the edges to prevent items from falling off.

Raised toilet seats for elderly people

Toilet seats that fit on conventional toilets but raise the user a couple of inches. The use of a raised toilet seat can significantly assist some people with using the toilet.

Matrix Ankle and Foot Orthotic

Made from carbon-glass fibre composite, the Matrix Ankle and Foot support Orthotic is lightweight and strong. It is an ankle and foot orthotic device that is useful for sufferers of a range of conditions. More Information: https://www.essentialaids.com/orthopaedic-aids/ankle-supports-braces-foot-supports/matrix-afo.html

Pressure Relief Cushions

Our best pressure relief cushion & pressure relieving cushions are especially designed to relieve pain caused by prolonged immobility. Get More Information: https://www.essentialaids.com/comfort/pressure-relief-cushions.html

Adjustable Walking Stick

A lightweight walking stick with an aluminium shaft, this anatomically adjustable walking stick is strong and durable. It is useful for people who require extra balance and support when walking without assistance. The handle is contoured to fit the natural shape of the hand, making it easy to grasp. More Information: https://www.essentialaids.com/mobility/walking-sticks-canes-accessories/anatomic-adjustable-walking-stick.html