Ottawa clear aligners are a convenient solution over the metal braces which guide the teeth into a proper position without any discomfort as in the case of conventional braces. Clear aligners give effective results in treating malocclusions and don’t put the wearer in an awkward position because these are practically invisible. These custom made trays of strong plastic need to be put on for at least 20 hours a day for achieving desired results within the stipulated time.

What all problems are treated using clear aligners?
Clear aligners give fantastic results when you are a victim of:

Overcrowded teeth
Misaligned baby teeth
What makes clear aligners have an edge over the traditional braces?
Being tagged as a metal mouth is unwelcoming, the discomfort associated with metal braces is unpleasant and frequent visits to the dentists and the trauma that comes attached with every visit is uncalled for. So as an effective solution to the dental problems, using clear aligners is recommended because of the following advantages:

Clear aligners are easy to clean and maintain.
Since the aligner trays are removable, so brushing and flossing is not cumbersome
Clear aligners don’t irritate the gums and cheeks.

Flaunting your smile will never be as easy as it will be after you start wearing clear aligners. To know more about Ottawa clear aligners, schedule an appointment by calling 6135181145 at Bytown Orthodontics. You can also email your queries at

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