Kamagra could be a pharmaceutical product that claims to contain virility drug turn, the active ingredient in virility drug.

Kamagra (sildenafil citrate) could be a generic version of the worldwide virility drug whole with the effectiveness of costlier medication however at reasonable costs. It’s accustomed treat male symptoms of impotence in men like dysfunction and ejaculation. It’s designed to top quality standards and so Kamagra users report sure-fire results. It starts operating in half-hour – hour once activity and remains effective for 5-6 hours. It’s currently conjointly on the market while not a prescription. do not wait to any extent further and acquire obviate the problems!

Kamagra could be a extremely popular, sure-fire and wide accepted treatment for dysfunction. Patient’s victimization Kamagra often report sure-fire intercourse and usually still use the treatment. It’s necessary to follow all the merchandise pointers before the utilization of this medication.

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is Associate in nursing oral drug that was developed to treat patients with impotence. It’s useful for men littered with dysfunction. It will be represented as one thing during which Associate in nursing erection cannot be achieved notwithstanding the person is aroused to a particular extent. It cannot be maintained even once associate in nursing erection. One in every of the simplest things regarding this best place to buy kamagra online is that it’s reasonable. Kamagra could be a powerful drug, reasonable and may be bought on-line while not a prescription. The capsule conjointly has the suppleness to quickly relieve symptoms for patients. Make preparations for a marathon!

How will Kamagra work?

The real, real version of Kamagra contains virility drug turn that is really identical active ingredient found in virility drug and virility drug Connect. in theory then, Kamagra ought to add identical method as virility drug.

Sildenafil works by quiet the blood vessels. This permits for enhanced blood flow. However, the drug cannot be entirely relied on to resolve impotence. The sensation of arousal should be gift for virility drug to be effective.

Sildenafil is employed to treat dysfunction, the’ it may be accustomed treat different health conditions as well as pulmonic blood vessel cardiovascular disease (which is high pressure within the lungs).

However, even real Kamagra remains not licenced within the UK and EU. It’s sold in Asian country while not a prescription, therefore for illicit sellers it’s usually a lot of easier to get than prescription-only treatments like virility drug. the rationale most male erecticle dysfunction medication on the market within the UK (with the exception of virility drug Connect that could be a pharmacy drug) need a prescription is so a professional person will ensure the drug is appropriate and safe for you before you are taking it.

How to take Kamagra?

Take one pill in step with the theme prescribed by your doctor. The standard unlimited quantity of the drug is 50-100 mg per day. The pill ought to be taken orally with many water Associate in nursing hour before the planned intercourse.

It is not counseled to mix the drug with fatty foods. The result of virility drug are a lot of pronounced once a pill is taken on Associate in nursing empty abdomen.

To get effect, you wish to drink many water. Drinking fruit crush isn’t counseled. This could increase the concentration of virility drug and have an effect on the well-being of men.


• It could be a medication. So, take virility drug turn 100mg tender Tablets specifically because it is prescribed to you. Following directions on the prescription label and reading all medication guides or instruction sheets is totally necessary.

• It ought to be taken only if it’s a necessity, most likely half-hour to one hour before any sexual issues. Someone might take it up to four hours before sexual issues. Taking Kamagra over once will be extraordinarily harmful.

• Kamagra has not been confirmed to be safe or effective in youngsters but eighteen years.

Side effects:

Sildenafil turn 100mg tender Tablets will cause varied facet effects that may be minor and major each.

Common facet effects:

• Nosebleeds

• Headaches

• Upset abdomen

• Flushing

• Trouble sleeping

• Fever

• An erection that lasts longer than traditional

• Respiratory infection

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Bronchitis

• Sore throat

• Runny nose

Serious facet effects:

• Low pressure. Symptoms might embody foggy vision, nausea or projection, sleepiness, weakness, confusion, dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness.

• It sometimes will increase shortness of breath or hassle respiratory.

• Priapism is largely Associate in Nursing erection that won’t get away Associate in Nursingd its symptoms will include: an erection that lasts over four hours.

• Vision problems: unexpected vision loss in one or each eyes.

• Hearing problems: unexpected hearing disorder, tinnitus, dizziness.

• Heart issues like coronary failure, stroke, or irregular rate. Symptoms will embody pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, hassle speaking, confusion, lightheadedness, nausea or projection.

Interaction with different medication:

Do not use Kamagra with any of the subsequent drug groups:

• Organic nitrates;

• Nitric chemical compound donors;

• Alpha and beta-blockers;

• Selective inhibitors.

It is not counseled to use this drug with different merchandise to extend efficiency and forestall ejaculation.

Missed dose-

Kamagra is employed once it’s required, therefore it’s unlikely to miss a dose.


If you’re thinking that you’ve got overdosed the medication request emergency medical facilitate directly. The o.d. symptoms square measure pain, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and feeling light-headed or fainting.


Keep the Kamagra usa in a much aired area at a most temperature of 77° F. you can’t use the medication once the expiration date. Aloof from wet, sunlight, youngsters and pets in a very tight instrumentality.

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