Most common confusion of Business owners about Digital Marketing Faisal from Lux Digital marketing disentangles the knots

SEO , PPC or Social Media Marketing?

The main confusion of an Entrepreneur is where to invest  SEO, PPC or Social Media Marketing?

  Every Business needs a Website which Loads quickly, Easy to navigate and has Sufficient information and graphics which will serve the needs of visitor and most importantly it has to be SEO optimized with right content and  keywords so it ranks higher and visible to the seeker, We

Once you have a good website in place 

All three are basic standard necessities to keep up in Digital World

Why do i need SEO?

SEO is like the backbone of your Business it will stand still and work tirelessly even if you don’t have budget to run ads on Social media or PPC

Once you work enough according to SOE trends 

Why do you i need PPC?

SEO is a Long term process & needs consistent focus if you are a new company and need leads and want to be on top of Google search or Reach 

Why do i need Social Media presence?

Be it website, Google or your profile the client will always need a assurance about your company and services,

Social media is the best display platform of your Testimonials services, 

Business module and also other updations about company where your client gets assurance and makes a move to decide to get in touch with you or buy your services.

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