follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction treatment is a less invasive treatment that involves the collection of hair follicles from the back of your scalp. This hair is transferred individually to the affected areas of your scalp. The treatment makes the hairs at the recipient site thicker.

The hair restoration came to replace FUT. And has now become more popular than FUT because it does not cause hair plug appearance where other parts of the scalp do not match the surrounding sites.

FUE will not leave you with a large scar at the donor site. The ideal candidate for FUE is a person with enough hair in the recipient area. Suppose you lack thick and healthy donor hair. You are not a perfect candidate for this treatment.

FUE Hair Restoration Treatment Cost

This hair restoration treatment costs between $4000 to $15000 per session. If the treatment consists of several sessions, it might cost you up to $50000 or more.

The actual cost will depend on several sessions, such as;

  • The number of hair extracted and transplanted
  • Surgeons available in your area to perform the surgery
  • How frequent the surgeon performs the treatment
  • The experience or demand of the surgeon

FUE is a cosmetic procedure, and you are likely to pay out of the pocket. You will also need to pay for prescription medications for pain or any other possible complication that might arise from the surgery. You need to factor out time off having the costs in mind.

FUE Hair Restoration Procedure

As you become old, hair growth has three phases, and the hair regrowth becomes short until the hair follicles stop growing. The process, however, is distinct for everyone. Some people might start experiencing balding in their 20s while others later in life.

FUE hair restoration treatment replaces old hair follicles with new ones that can grow. Moreover, after the surgery, the hair follicles get nourished by the blood and grow hair in the thinning site.

The surgeon will first shave the donor site and then the recipient during the procedure. Then using a micro punching tool, they will collect hair follicles from your scalp. The doctor will then make a series of incisions with a sharp needle or tool where they will insert the extracted hair follicles. They will then insert the hair follicles and clean the bandaged site for recovery.

Risks Involved During FUE Hair Restoration Treatment

Other than small white dots on the donor site, you will not experience any scar. The tiny dots will then fade as time goes on. Suppose you notice any side effects, make sure to inform your doctor. The following complications might arise from this surgery;

  • Infection symptoms
  • The drainage or crust in the surgery area
  • Pain or swelling in the surgery site
  • Follicle swelling
  • You might feel numbness or some tingling in the surgery area
  • The outcome might become unnatural
  • The balding or thinning might continue even after the procedure

What to Expect From FUE Hair Restoration Treatment?

The recovery from this treatment is typically quick. You might feel some swelling and discomfort for about three days. Some of the aftercare instructions are not to wash your hair for at least three days. Use some gentle, unscented shampoos for a few weeks after washing your hair. Take a few days off work to help with healing.

Final Thought

FUE hair restoration is the best option for people with thinning hair. The outcome of this treatment is always known to be permanent. The best thing to do to get good results is to find an experienced provider. And this will help you get the outcome you are pleased with. Talk to your doctor before the surgery to help you get answers to questions you might have regarding FUE.

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