Solidified in 1982, Eicher engine is a lead of eicher bundle which is seriously dedicated to gathering automobiles and equipment. Expressly examining agrarian vehicles and sorts of stuff, Eicher is an authoritative pioneer concerning tractors.

The most important and least costing of Eicher Tractor is set so that it covers all collections of price ranges. The model with the most insignificant cost is Eicher 188 priced at Rs. 3,50,000 lakh and the most exorbitant model is priced model, Eicher 650 is priced at 12,00,000 Rs.The Eicher tractor price begins from Rs 2.90 Lakhs*. The Horsepower range is similarly a quiet variety, the Horsepower range starts from 18 HP and goes up to 60 HP.


The Eicher tractor hp ranges between 36 HP – 50 HP. The most remarkable Eicher tractor models are Eicher 333, Eicher 242, Eicher 380 and Eicher 557. The lifting farthest degrees of the tractor is between 800 kg-1700 kg. The Eicher Tractors is the most organized name in the tractor business, with an immense market reach and an especially regarded brand name. It is an astonishing maker of tractors, machines, and different engines in this industry.

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