What is Blockchain?

Before knowing about AWS Blockchain, let us first know exactly what a blockchain is. Blockchain is a decentralized database technology that maintains a continuously growing set of transactions and smart contracts hardened against tampering and revision using cryptography. AWS Blockchain Tutorial is an important part of the blockchain training. Let us learn about the exact definition of AWS before taking off in the blockchain world.

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What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, providing over 175 featured services from data centers all over the world. AWS is being used by millions of people including start-ups, pts terbaik asean large businesses and government agencies to lower the costs and innovate faster.

Following things can be done with the help of AWS:

  1. It securely stores your file on the cloud so that the information can be accessed from anywhere.
  2. You can use managed databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle to store your information.
  3. You can deliver dynamic and static files easily and quickly around the globe using a content delivery network.
  4. One can also send bulk emails to their clients.

How to learn AWS blockchain technology?

If you are looking forward to putting your step in blockchain programming and are looking for a perfect resort, then Newtum is the solution. Newtum provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn this craft. The course is designed in such a way that it can be easily understood by the students as it involves in-depth learning with use of real-time examples.

The course provides you with the minutest detail about each and every component of blockchain programming. is a vital part of the blockchain programming course. You will learn everything from the basics and gradually progress towards higher levels. The course at Newtum is designed keeping in mind the aptitude of students. The course curriculum teaches every part including Stellar, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, AWS and Hyperledger tutorial. You will get a complete introduction of how to set up and start working on AWS blockchain under the thorough guidance of our experienced professionals.

Course content to be covered during the curriculum:

  1. You will learn about how to expand applications on AWS
  2. You will know about the expansion of ready to go applicant on Azure
  3. Google cloud framework
  4. AWS architecture
  5. You will learn how to design AWS applications
  6. It will help you understand AWS blockchain
  7. It will help you learn to use ready blockchain

Why AWS are certified professionals in demand?

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You are on the right track and are moving to scale new heights in your career if you are planning to become an AWS certified professional. With the increase in demand for cloud developers, cloud administrators, and cloud solution architects, automatically the need for AWS certified professionals increases, providing you with high career opportunities and rewards. It is the most in-demand course in the world of technology and has an ever-growing requirement. It will be most beneficial to climb the success ladder.

Why Newtum is the best?

It has a course for everyone whether you are a novice or a professional in the coding world. We train you the best and from the best to the best of our abilities. Our course is designed according to the global standards providing up to date curriculum in accordance with industry standards. We use real-life examples to tech train the students leading to easy absorption of information throughout practical knowledge.

Newtum is considered to be one of the best online academies providing a wide range of courses in technology like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, C programming for beginners, , etc.

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