Farmtrac was founded in 1996 in Faridabad, India with 25 years of experience in producing high quality agricultural vehicles and equipment. The tractor has a 50 hp engine. The carrying capacity of the tractor is 1500-1600 kg. The Farmtrac 60 Classic tractor has a dual clutch and a single clutch. The tractor’s PTO power is 42.5 HP with high efficiency and performance. Farmtrac got off to a pretty good start; The launch in response to license revocation for India and Poland-based Ford/New Holland demonstrates the company’s worldwide success. Farmtrac 60 price is Rs 700,000*. Farmtrac is one of the 3 subsidiaries of Escort Farming Group, formerly known as Long Agri, Farmtrac is an international company. Tractors are made in India for sale in India, Poland, South Korea, North America and many other countries. Since India is an agricultural country, Farmtrac has all the advantages of producing its tractors in India as Indians know best about agriculture.

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