Farmtrac is a tractor conveying unit by the tremendous pack, the pioneer connection. It is an especially agrarian vehicle organization and has been controlling the market all through the beyond 60 years. Their benchmark is the chance of the tractors made by them.

Farmtrac is one of the three youth relationships by Group.The Farmtrac tractor models in India are reliably viewed as awesome and for the most part around excellent of all. The connection is made truly for the Indian client base, the clarification being really similar to the plan in India, they have a tremendous blend of tractors in the two terms of looking over as well as drive.

The farmtrac tractor price begins between Rs. 5.50 lakhs to 9.20 lakhs*. The price range is set so it covers all levels of the agrarian vehicle market, the most central model begins from just 4,00,000 lakh and the price range goes up to 12,50,000 lakh Rs. Besides, to the extent that it draws, the appearance starts from 22 hp and goes up to 80 hp, giving a tractor to all area levels of fields.

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