Marines face resistance on the island of Guam: The U.S. seized the island in July 1944 to secure additional airfields for the bombing campaign against Japan. With solely 15 miles of potential touchdown beaches along Guam’s west coast, the 18,500-man Japanese garrison knew where to concentrate its defenses and gave the attacking Marines a sizzling reception. The Third Marine Division landed on beaches swept by fireplace from the enemy-held excessive ground. To their right, the first Marine Provisional Brigade encountered simpler terrain. Nevertheless, it additionally ran into fierce resistance, including an enemy gun place that knocked out two dozen Marine AmTracs.

Since then, Naisbitt has written quite a few other books, together with a 1990 sequel to “Megatrends,” a version of “Megatrends” geared toward girls, and the 2010 “China’s Megatrends,” through which Naisbitt predicted that China eventually would create a completely new social and economic system that might serve in its place to western-type democracy. Naisbitt also forecast, among different things, the rising mental freedom in China and rise of a Chinese version of nation music [source: Clifford].

Forget corn. The heck with soybeans. Don’t even point out palm oil. If anyone needs to take a look on the marvel plant that has the potential to scale back the world’s appetite for oil and Havuz Tramplen ve Kaydırakları save the planet from international warming, drive by the great Plains and look out the window. What you will see is grass — switchgrass.

These advantages are encouraging eco-minded homeowners, companies and cities to construct green rooftops. Green roofs mitigate water runoff and sewer overflows. Vegetation and soil act as a sponge, absorbing and filtering water that would usually plunge down gutters, wash by way of polluted streets and over-tax sewer programs. A inexperienced roof’s plants remove air particulates, produce oxygen and supply shade. They use heat energy during evapotranspiration, a pure course of that cools the air as water evaporates from plant leaves.

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