We all need a primary care provider whether you’re under the weather or have any health issues. A PCP provides patients with comprehensive care since he is your first contact when you encounter any health problem. 

Since they should be your trusted health advisors, how do you ensure your Arleta primary care physician is someone you can trust? Choosing your PCP is critical, and we’ll guide you on how you can achieve this goal.

Before sharing that, we’ll first understand the responsibilities of a primary care physician? They help address fundamental health issues, providing long-term care for all patients starting their healthcare journey early. They also coordinate with specialists to whom they refer their patients whenever necessary. 

The general care provided by PCP may include:

  • Preventive care such as cancer screening
  • Treatment of acute and chronic illness 
  • Long-term care
  • Routine checkups
  • Basic diagnoses
  • Referrals to specialists where necessary.

Tips for Selecting your Healthcare Provider

Since Arleta’s primary care physician will journey with the patients for years, a patient develops a healthy relationship with him. So, individuals trust physicians to handle the initial diagnoses for them and their entire families, even with their recommendation. That’s why it’s vital to have the best doctor. 

Choose Right 

Primary care providers come in various categories; some deal with children (pediatricians), treat patients from different age groups (family practice doctors), and more. So, you need to know your ultimate goal before choosing a healthcare provider. 

Write down what you prefer in a primary care doctor. That will guide you to see if they meet your requirements or not. 

Family practice physicians can handle comprehensive treatments and coordinate care for patients of all ages. So, it would make more sense to choose this doctor category for your and your family’s healthcare needs.

Insurance Coverage 

Even as you shortlist Arleta’s primary care physician, ensure your insurance is acceptable to their facility. Do they cover general conditions or specific illnesses you may have? Check if they are affiliated with your insurance (in-network plan) or (out-of-network). And that will help you decide and make an easy selection. 


Though an individual’s experience with a medical practitioner may differ, most people are likely to seek referrals. It could come from your friend, a colleague, or a family member. Ask them what they like best from their PCP and see if it’s something you would also enjoy. 

Online Reviews

Thanks to the era of technology, you can share your experience of anything you like to help others. Check what patients say about their Arleta primary care physician and who has many positive reviews. You can also reach out to some of these people to see if they are real. Sometimes these can be fraudulent, and you may not heavily rely on them.

Contact Them 

Talking to medical staff in a facility where you choose your primary care provider can be helpful. You can call or visit to evaluate staff friendliness, professionalism, reliability, and waiting time. That can tell you a lot and whether you want to be in that environment or not.

Do a Background Check

If you would feel safe dealing with a doctor you’ve vetted, then do that. But in rare cases, you would find a licensed physician with a disciplinary record, medical negligence, or convicted of a crime. But it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So, use the below guide to do this:

Check for any Disciplinary Actions– the best way to do this is to identify the state where the physician obtained his medical license. Then you can contact that state’s medical board or visit the Federation of State Medical Boards and search for the disciplinary record, if any.

Board Certification– You can verify the credentials of a potential doctor you’re likely to choose by checking them on the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). 

Other Things you Should Check Include:

  • Office hours – most urgent care operates past the working hours of traditional hospitals. They also work on weekends and some public holidays. If that suits you best, choose an Arleta primary care physician from such a facility.    
  • Location – a PCP located conveniently near your home or office is ideal. 
  • Accepts new patients? – some doctors may not take new patients due to full bookings or other reasons. Always check this before you settle for one. 
  • Well-equipped facilities like laboratory and X-ray services help to diagnose a patient quickly. 
  • Telemedicine – since the COVID-19 pandemic, most facilities have started offering telemedicine services. And this has become convenient for many people. Maybe it’s something you should also consider while choosing your PCP. 

In Conclusion

If you haven’t found a suitable Arleta primary care physiciannow you should with the help of this guide. And if you want to change your doctor for whatever reason, you can also use these tips. But it all boils down to what matters to you most, rather than what others tell you. Always follow your guts because they don’t lie. If they tell you that’s the right doctor, then go for that. 

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