CenturyLink is a leading telecommunication solutions provider. CenturyLink provides solutions to millions of users in the United States of America. It is one of the largest internet providers and is headquartered in Louisiana. CenturyLink offers a wide range of products and services like network security, security, managed solutions, and cloud solutions. The focused service offered by CenturyLink is the CenturyLink webmail. 

CenturyLink provides its users with only high-end services. But the only occurring problem or issue with the CenturyLink email is the CenturyLink webmail login issue. This issue can happen without any notifications or fare warnings. 

Emails are one of the biggest ways of communication. And when it comes to sectors like corporate, emails are considered to be the fixed source of conveying formal messages. Whether to submit a school project or to send a PPT to a colleague, emails have become a vital part of our lives. Facing problems with Emails can be hard. Especially when important emails are in need of sending. 

CenturyLink Webmail Login Issue 

There may be a time while trying to perform your Centurylink.net login but you are not able to log in. Although, this problem can be fixed easily with a few different solutions. 

Keep trying the listed solutions step by step till you find an optimum solution to the problem. 

Here are the solutions to the CenturyLink login issues:

Solution 1: Reset the CenturyLink configuration settings

You need to keep a tab on your incoming and outgoing email server settings. Servers help with the inflow and outflow of data necessary for receiving and sending emails. If you do not have the right configuration for your servers, you are bound to end up facing the CenturyLink webmail login issue. 

Here are the correct configuration settings for CenturyLink mail servers. 

CenturyLink Incoming Mail Server configuration

  • Username – write in your complete email ID with the right domain
  • Password – provide your CenturyLink webmail password
  • Server – pop.centurylink.net
  • Port – 993
  • Security – SSL/TLS

A CenturyLink outgoing mail server configuration

  • Username – enter your complete email ID with the correct domain name.  
  • Password – write your password associated with your CenturyLink webmail account
  • Server – smtp.centurylink.net
  • Port – 587 / 465 (select according to availability)
  • Security – SSL/TLS

Once these configurations are reset, try logging in to your CenturyLink email again. Mostly this solution fixes the problem. If the problem still persists, move on to the second solution. 

Solution 2: Remove or Delete your Spam and junk mail

Most of the time the CenturyLink webmail login occurs when your inbox is filled with junk and spam mail. Your collected junk and spam can even prove to be hazardous for your email. 

The junk and spam should be frequently cleared due to these two reasons:

  • The main reason to delete spam and junk is that they may contain malware and viruses. These malware files and viruses if downloaded can corrupt your system data and files. 
  • The second one is; that these spam and junk files can fill up the storage space of your inbox. Hence, becoming the reason for your frequently facing CenturyLink login issue. 

This solution usually fixes the CenturyLink login issue. If you are still facing the login issue, then you have one ultimate solution to fix all your CenturyLink problems. 

Solution 3: contact the CenturyLink customer service 

If you are still not able to do your CenturyLink Email, then it is time to contact CenturyLink Customer service. The CenturyLink webmail customer service is highly assistive and provides you with an optimum solution to your problems. 

Here is how you can contact the CenturyLink customer service:

  • Visit the official CenturyLink website. 
  • Tap on the “Contact Us” option.
  • Scroll down. Below you will find the chat button. 
  • Click on the “Let’s Chat” option. 

You will then be landed on the chat with a CenturyLink customer service agent.

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