Is Staff Augmentation a Successful Mode to Extend Your Team?

What is Team Augmentation?

A model that allows you to hire highly skilled personnel on a contractual basis instead of permanently hiring them is known as team augmentation. Via this model, you get access to a highly-skilled workforce enabling you to meet organizational work goals. 

Team augmentation or staff augmentation has been the talk of the town. Without slipping out of your budget, you can add your team with expertise at no extra cost. It acts as a supplement to your existing team with increased workflow and productivity. 

Extending your team can be for a dedicated project, routine operational work, managing high skilled assignments, and performing specific services like mobile app development services, web development services, etc. Continue reading to find out everything about team augmentation.  

What is the Basis of the Structure?

Scan company requirements– The advantages of staff augmentation can be leveraged only after determining the precise requirements of the candidate you are looking for. Various parameters must be decided by you like the number of resources you wish to hire, qualifications, experience, expertise, etc. 

Review and selection– After scanning the requirements, the next step is to address the need via review and selection procedure. All the candidates fulfilling the requirement and matching the qualification level must get reviewed. Reviewing process includes interviews of the candidates, and various eligibility tests to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the position. 

Integration of new team members- After selecting the desired candidate or the team of candidates, the job doesn’t end for a company. Instead, the company should make all efforts to ensure the complete integration of the new team members in the company and also make them aware of the rules, regulations, penalties, and work culture. 

Constant support and improvement- After the integration, the team hired will perform the tasks but as a hiring company, you need to ensure a constant level of support for your employees, instilling a feeling of brotherhood and self-awareness among the employees so that they realize their opportunities better. 

Advantages of Team Augmentation

  1. Flexible system– With the emerging trends of staff augmentation, companies enjoy a flexible system to address their requirements. Even when companies are hit by a wave of a large number of projects, within a few days they can find appropriate solutions. 
  2. Economical– Costs incurred in various operations of the company are a matter of concern for everybody. The management team of the company always aims to lower development costs which can be easily done by team augmentation. In-house employees always prove to be a costly affair when compared to this extension model. 
  3. Easy recruitment– Usually selecting candidates with a certain level of skill and accuracy is one of the difficult tasks, but with staff augmentation, the process to hire a skilled workforce has been simplified than ever before without any extra cost and effort. 
  4. Less legal paperwork– When in-house employees are employees a lot of legal paperwork gets undertaken. This paperwork includes payroll, taxes, employee benefits, and many such things. All the paperwork gets eliminated when you take the help of an outsourcing company for extending a team. 


As mentioned, staff augmentation provides a list of benefits like providing a flexible and easy system of recruitment, fewer costs and efforts, and increased productivity and workforce. Sustaining an appreciable level of authority, companies are gradually switching to the team augmentation models achieving higher levels of success. 

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