Online classes are the new normal since the pandemic and the process of learning gets as smart and efficient as possible. The search for proper guidance and study materials became so hard and many students were unable to cope with the new online study system, leading to disturbances in their study schedule. Many classes and online coaching courses came up during this time and the door to unlimited opportunities opened up.

During the pandemic, many teachers started their online mentorship programs and very few were able to establish as a professional mentor. Jimmy Pandita, an excellent mentor and guiding star for thousands of students is a very established name in the online mentorship industry. Jimmy started his career as a consultant in Delhi where he started as a Chemistry Lecturer in MIIT Pvt. Ltd. in 2001 and since then he has been involved in the education industry for over 20 years now and he has guided many students throughout his career playing a very important role in supporting and solving their doubts. Jimmy Pandita has been working as an educational consultant and college advisor for over 20 years and he is quite experienced and is aware of every problem a student and parents usually face with the current education system. The number of courses and interests are vast and this diverse system of education is the matter of confusion for both parents and the students. Proper guidance and help is needed in order to understand what is more important and good for the student and Jimmy Pandita helps you with all these doubts, confusions and provides the perfect solution for all your problems.

He has a lot of experience and expertise in college selection and course selection processes and he helps students who are confused about taking a particular stream to go on with the further studies. He guides students and parents about the course or college which will be perfect and beneficial for the development of student while he also provides solutions for both specialized courses and streams in whole as in Arts, Commerce and Science. Jimmy is a very successful and expert mentor, entrepreneur, speaker and motivator. He has guided many people and his skills as a consultant make him a guiding star in the field of education. He has helped many people to get out from the maze of different choices and confusions and navigated them to the door of success.  


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