The John Deere 5050 D tractor engine has a displacement of 2900 cubic centimeters and has an output of 2100 rpm. It has a 50 hp three-cylinder engine and a 42.5 hp PTO. The PTO type has six splined shafts that are driven at 540 engine revolutions. For shoppers, this combination is great. The John Deere 5050 Price D starts at Rs 6.90 lakh* and goes up to Rs 7.40 lakh*. In India, the John Deere 5050D is a popular tractor model from the John Deere tractor brand. In India, John Deere is recognized as a best-in-class tractor and engine manufacturer for the tractor and utility vehicle market. This achievement is the result of decades of tractor production in India. Years of experience have helped John Deere develop cost-effective tractors for the Indian market. Farmers usually use the John Deere 5050D for farming and related purposes. In terms of popularity and sales, it is one of the most popular tractors on the market.

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