Kubota was spread out in 1890, thoroughly expecting to give the best quality country vehicle and mechanical social affairs and does, expressly made for the farmers of India and coordinated so it works out unyieldingly on the sum of the various kinds of land or field. Kubota Tractor have been a self-evident and reliable market player, totally spun around making the bequest field a perpetually making spot.


Kubota tractor price in India begins at 5.50 lakhs and goes up beginning there. The tractors, explicitly, are priced with the goal that every rancher on each level can get through getting it starts from Rs. 4,15,000 lakh for the significant level little tractors and goes up to Rs. 10,36,000 lakh for the full-length advanced tractors, the quality as before which is A-class. Talking about force the appearance starts from 21Horsepower and goes up to 55 Horsepower.

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