Kubota was laid out in 1890, fully intent on giving the best quality rural vehicle and apparatuses and carries out, explicitly made for the farmers of India and planned so that it works out positively on every one of the different sorts of land or field. Kubota Tractor have been an undeniable and consistent market player, completely revolved around making the farm field an always developing spot.

Kubota tractor price in India starts at 5.50 lakhs and goes up starting there. The tractors, specifically, are priced n such a way that each rancher on each level can stand to get it begins from Rs. 4,15,000 lakh for the essential level little tractors and goes up to Rs. 10,36,000 lakh for the full-length progressed tractors, the quality continues as before which is A-class. Discussing torque the reach begins from 21Horsepower and goes up to 55 Horsepower.

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