ladies one piece swimwear can be described as a form of swimwear made to be worn by women swimming. It is also worn by kids and adults however this is not as often. One-piece swimsuits usually encompass the entire body, including legs, arms and your torso. They’re typically made of Lycra spandex and other materials made of synthetic that permit them to stretch and conform perfectly on the human body.

They’ve been in use for centuries, but were particularly popular in the 20th century, as more women were involved in various sports and activities which required them to wear clothes that let them move around freely. Today one-piece swimsuits continue to be used to swim and for other water-related activities, but they’ve also been embraced as fashion pieces by women in casual wear for everyday use.

Ladies one piece swimwear or a one-piece, as is more popularly known is like what you would wear to the pool. The primary distinction is that ladies one pieces are less modest than bikinis or briefs. In this article, we’ll examine the reasons that many women opt to wear women’s one-pieces over other swimsuit designs.

Our Range

The company’s been around in business of swimwear from 1986, and we’ve seen plenty of companies go out. We also have a large assortment of kids’ and adult’s swimming suits, as well as single-piece swimsuits designed for women.

We’re Australia’s top retailer of ladies one piece swimwear and accessories for the beach, as well as all the other things you need to feel and look great. We’ve been in the online business for over 15 years and offer services that are honest easy to use, quick and friendly. Our swimsuits in one piece and accessory for the beach will complement your summer fashion and could even be worn while on holiday. There are two kinds of one-piece swimsuits designed for women:

  • One piece with a strap that is thick
  • One piece swimsuits with thin straps

We try to keep up-to-date with the latest collection of swimwear and our sales staff will be happy to help you select the right women one-piece swimsuit. If you have questions about the size or the fit of our one-piece swimsuit you can contact us by email. Our one-piece swimsuits provide a “second-skin” sensation, and the top quality fabric and craftsmanship give us an advantage over our competitors.

  • One piece with a thin strap swimsuits

The slim strap ladies one piece swimwear style is an attractive swimsuit that has a “sporty” appearance, as and the ability to adjust the straps to suit your body. The Sportier has straps that are thin and adjustable with a more comfortable feel due to our unique binding methods to give a more polished look. On the back, this suit is lined with less material, making very comfortable for wearing. The swimsuit is fully lined with a front lining, which prevents it from becoming see-through in the event of rain.

The majority of the ladies one piece swimwear are constructed from the best chlorine resistant polyester fabric. Color Retention Technology is also known as the highest stretch and retention are included in our swimsuits. They’re made from rip-stop fabric and are extremely durable.

  • One piece of strap with a thick strap swimsuits

One piece swimsuits with thick straps are a popular kind of swimming suit for women looking for more coverage than normal one-piece swimsuits. They’re also referred to by the name of “bikini style” swimsuits since they generally have an elastic waistband that extends up into the middle of the thigh. The belt is typically made from a stretchy fabric that wraps around your body during swimming. Because they offer additional coverage they are often deemed more flattering and comfortable than traditional one-piece swimming suits.

One-piece swimsuits for ladies with strong straps can be used in a variety of activities such as snorkelling, swimming and diving. They’re also a good choice for those who want something more stylish than your regular swimming attire. They are a great match with any outfit and are perfect for summer activities. One piece swimsuits with a thick strap are an excellent option to consider if you’re searching the perfect and comfortable swimming suit.

The Different Types of Women’s Swimsuits

There are numerous kinds of swimsuits for women available. There’s your ladies one piece swimwear and two-piece swimsuits, and there are more distinctive pieces such as the tankinis. What exactly is a ladies-only swimsuit?

One-piece swimsuits are one-piece swimsuits that cover the whole body. They are available in many different designs however the most well-known ones are typically the monokinis and tankinis. Tankinis are a swimsuit that is two pieces which has a tank-top style top and shorts that drop to the mid-thigh region. Monokinis are a single-piece swimsuit which has a bikini-bottom and a top that is bandeau. These kinds of swimsuits are ideal for those looking to flaunt their curves, and also be somewhat protected.

One-piece swimsuits are great for those wanting to gain more sun-kissed. If you’re looking to stay clear of the appearance of tan lines one-piece swimsuits are the best option. One-pieces come in a range of styles and colors, meaning you’ll definitely discover the perfect style to suit your needs.

Tips to Finding the Right One Piece Swimwear

When you’re looking for ladies one piece swimwear there are many choices to pick from. With so many cuts and styles it’s a challenge to decide which one is the best for you. But don’t fret we’re here to help! Here are some suggestions for choosing the right one-piece swimsuit to fit your body shape:

  • If you’ve got one of the small bumps…

Find For a ladies one piece swimwear with embellishments or ruffles around the chest. This can help create an illusion of a larger bust. Try wearing a dress with a deeper V-neckline. It can also make it appear as if you have an even bigger chest.

  • In case you’ve got huge body…

Find a one-piece dress with support with cup-like cups, or underwire. This can help raise and form your bust, giving the most beautiful appearance. Beware of necklines with a plunging angle since this may result in a sagging fit.

  • If you’ve got an oblong-shaped body…

Find a single-piece with a rushing or detailing in the midsection. This will conceal the areas of concern and give your comfort.

Brands & Styles

There are a variety of brands of women’s one-piece swimwear on the market. The most well-known is Nova Swimwear. The brand is known for its distinct style and design and has many unique features. It is famous for their racing suits and also a more leisurely range of swimming suits. It’s an old-fashioned brand that is rapidly becoming fashionable due to their chic and attractive designs.

When it comes to selecting the best brand of ladies one piece swimwear the choice is based on your personal preference. If you’re in search of an outfit to wear when racing, Nova Swimwear is the best option. If, however, you’re seeking a dress to wear for swimming laps at the pool or relaxing at the beach, one of these three companies could be an excellent choice. It’s really down to finding the design that you prefer the best.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the most efficient way to put a women’s one-piece of swimwear?

One-pieces are one long piece of elasticized fabric. While the stretch can allow for certain size variations it is important to check your torso for the ideal shape. If you choose the wrong size, your suit could sag if it’s too small or slide down if too big. Take a look at our recommendations for ladies one piece swimwear which is comfortable but not too snug!

What do you need to wear with a swimsuit that is one piece?

To match your beach-style, Nova Swimwear has created an assortment of beachwear. For you to look like the ultimate fusionist pick out blouses and other clothes that match your one piece women’s swimsuit. Accessories are a great way to add some an extra dimension to it. For a look that everybody will love check out our collection of beach accessories. It includes everything from beach towels as well as silicone cups.

What is the types of fabrics used for single-piece swimming wear?

Our women’s one-piece swimwear, and our bikini bottoms and tops comprise of synthetic polyester. Synthetic materials are less able to absorb water and dry more quickly as natural ones. Our online shop is currently offering new patterns and designs to these soft and silky fabric.

Which is the most desirable fabric to find in one-piece swimwear for ladies?

Nylon (also called polyamide) and Lycra or elastane-based blends comprise the majority of women’s single-piece swimsuits (the fabric gives a fit its stretch). A split of 80-20 is ideal for comfort as well as longevity as you’ll need your swimwear to be pliable and in a position to return to its original form quickly. Based on our design other aspects such as the design and the thickness of the fabric that aren’t typically apparent in photos, could result in a tighter and more restrictive fitting. Another thing to consider is the style of your swimwear once you’ve been for a swim.

Women one-piece of swimwear care instructions

  • Wash only with water.

While drying and cleaning the suit could be sufficient for a couple of times but you should wash it on a frequent basis. Always refer to the label on the manufacturer for recommended washing methods prior to washing your swimming suit. Although some swimsuits can be machine-washed, the majority of swimsuits need to be washed by hand. Hand washing your ladies one piece swimwear will help keep its shine, shape, and longevity.

Make sure to fill a tub with warm to cool water and a teaspoon gentle laundry soap to efficiently wash a woman’s swimsuit. If you can, choose an appropriate detergent designed specifically for delicate or flexible fabrics. They make these textiles’ coolers clearer and remove impure oils and impurities that can harm the delicate fabric. In the event that you do not have mild washing detergent in your house You can cleanse your suit with baking soda or white vinegar Both of them are safe enough to not harm the fabric. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use both of these items simultaneously; pick one or one of them.

  • If possible you can machine clean

It is recommended that ladies one piece swimwear should be washed in the washer in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Because of the delicate nature of the material that are used, many swimsuits can be washed hand-only. The idea of putting these suits into the washer could quickly cause damage or destruction.

Although your suit may be machine washable, it’s recommended to wash it on a cold setting and add a bit of soap to reduce the risk of any wear. It’s recommended to store your suit inside an airtight bag for washing if there are any ornaments or strings, so that no pieces are caught or bent inside the machine.

  • Thoroughly dry

Like the washing machine, certain swimwear can be washed in the machine however, no swimsuit needs to be dried in a dryer. The excessive heat of a dryer could cause spandex or Lycra fibers to become stiff. Hanging the swimsuit out to dry is not a good idea as water gathers at the bottom of the garment and then spreads it out. Utilizing metal rods or hangers for laundry to hang your swimming suit could result in it losing its shape or cause scratches from rust that are difficult to get rid of. It is also recommended to keep your swimsuit from drying in direct sunlight as it could cause the color fade early.

  • Store it securely

If you’re not able to get access for a heating source, keep your swimsuit as a single piece in a dry, cold place, like your drawer for clothes. Keep items in a flat position during the winter months to prevent wrinkles and fades, and with the tops and bottoms of sets tucked into ventilated fabric or in vacuum bags (you’ll be grateful when summer rolls around).


You’ve got it! Once you’ve figured out what is a ladies one piece swimwear is as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with wearing it, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether it’s the best choice for you. Whatever your final choice is we hope you enjoy taking in the summer sunshine.

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