The demand for Cryptocurrency is skyrocketing as of now and a lot of interest is seen accumulating among the people. People are going crazy over exploring and using Cryptocurrency investments. The Cryptocurrency business is likely to see huge growth in the future, evident from the fact that its demand in the current market is high. Although some people are still hesitant about going for it while some individuals are living their best lives by investing in cryptocurrencies.

India has never been a late comer to any of the trends and the consistency to keep the work going is unmatched at any other level. Meet Shivam Vaishnav, the man behind India’s first Cryptocurrency investment group named CoinvestNow. He is an excellent personality who has made a huge difference in the field of Cryptocurrency in India. As a 20-year-old, he has done great work by establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur and finance specialist. He has been quite successful in delivering his clients consistent and increasing profit of more than 50% annually.

“Knowledge knows no bounds and skills find their way” – the quote seems to be made for Shivam as he is the one who justifies the value of knowledge and skills. He dropped out of college when he was pursuing his Bachelors in Interior Design. He has taken admission to IIT, Madras to pursue BSc in Data Science and has also received his certificate for Investment Management Analysis from the Harvard School of Business. He is also looking forward to his book “Summary of my brain: Finance and Startups” which is likely to release before 31st December 2022.

With his amazing and fascinating skills, he was nominated for the Forbes 30 under 30 and has also been the centre of media coverage several times.

About CoinvestNow.

An investment banking firm, CoinvestNow is providing financial education concerning Stocks, Crypto and Equities sector. The mantra behind the success of the company is trust, growth and experience.

The group is formed with several self-made professional team of bankers who wish to inspire teenagers to be financially independent and grow an empire of their own. Guiding and educating many people throughout the process, the company is bringing a huge change in the lives of many people. As of now, the company is the process of getting registered as Private Limited. The valuable presence and smooth work process of the company has established its name as a very professional and experienced company concerned with investment and finance.

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town and you cannot deny its value in the coming future. The field has provided a lot of opportunities and people are already indulged in it and are enjoying it.


149720cookie-checkMeet Shivam Vaishnav, a 20-year-old who made India’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Group.

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