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Dubai is known for its iconic destinations, and it is the business land that allows revenue-generating factors inside the country. Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-based theme park that remains the centre of attraction for tourists from other countries and supports the nation’s economy to a greater extent. It is located in Dubai Parks, and Resorts and highlights themed attractions to engage the audience. The entire theme park is designed inspired by the ideas of famous Hollywood movies and allows the audience to enjoy rides and movies simultaneously.

Things To Know

Motiongate Dubai is the one and only Hollywood based theme park in the United Arab Emirates. It includes the following factors, which remain attractive to the audience.

  • It makes the audience experience the real-life movie sets of New York City

  • The audience can discover the action involved in filmmaking and learn about the functionality of the movie studios.

  • It offers an opportunity for the audience to enjoy theme rides based on famous Hollywood movies.

  • It also offers the opportunity of meeting the characters of famous movies.

  • It is highly interactive and includes multi-sensory attractions to explore a wholesome experience.

  • It is a destination suitable to enjoy with family and friends and a remarkable destination for movie lovers.

Centre Of Attraction

Motiongate Dubai is classified into six themed zones, and the zones are

Dream Works
Smurfs Village
Columbia Pictures
Hollywood Theatre
Studio Central

The zones are characterized with

Several interesting rides
Motion simulators
Interactive play areas
Meet and greet the movie characters

All these attractive features make Motiongate an excellent destination for families to spend their leisure time.

Must-Try Rides In Dubai Motiongate

Dubai Motiongate includes 30 rides, which are widespread in all the other zones. But, some rides remain exciting and entertaining, and it is a must-try ride to get the best experience. The rides include

Capitol Bullet Train
Madagascar Mad Pursuit
The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Dragon Gliders
Zombieland Blast Off

These fantastic rides could provide a better adventure experience to the audience.

The Best Time To Visit Motiongate

It is better to plan the trip between November to March to visit Motiongate. It is the first air-conditioned theme park, and hence the visitors can visit the destination at any time of the permitted hours.

The Best Dining Options

Motiongate Dubai includes the best dining options from the most popular restaurants. The popular restaurants include

Hotel Beastro
Mr Ping’s Noodle Shop
King Julien’s Side Show Café
Very Smurfy Café
Baby Brent’s Luncheonette
The Candy Apple
Dragon Flame Grill

Motiongate is known for indoor enjoyment, and it is recommendable to visit the place on weekdays. It is a smoke-free park that allows visitors to enjoy all the rides and participate in entertainment activities.

An online ticket booking facility is available to visit Motiongate, and it is the right option to book the entries in a hassle-free manner. In addition, the visitors can get more detailed information by visiting the site–.


It is guaranteed that there are more fun factors available to entertain families and Motiongate Dubai assures entertainment and a thrilling experience for its visitors.

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