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What do you think when you hear “Microsoft Office“?, probably. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are some of the most popular applications globally and likely the ones you use on your computer every day at work. But what about Windows and Azure? If you were to list Microsoft’s top products and services, would you include Windows or Azure?

These might not be as well-known as Office, but they’re equally crucial to businesses worldwide. Here are the reasons why Microsoft is a one-stop solution for businesses.

1- Improved Productivity

It’s no secret that as technology improves, employee productivity increases. Microsoft IT solutions are no exception. From Azure, a cloud-based computing platform, to MS Office 365, a subscription-based bundle of office applications that saves companies money on costly desktop software.

Businesses can improve and increase their productivity using products from a company whose name you might already know and trust.

2- Reduced Data Loss Risks

Microsoft has a wide range of IT solutions that help organizations minimize risks associated with data loss. These include solutions like Azure and MS Office, which are built to have back-ups built-in and accessible from anywhere via an internet connection.

Because of their backup systems, these solutions reduce the risk of data loss by putting copies of data on multiple hard drives; however, even with such protections against loss, businesses should back up all files (whether they’re critical or not) on an external hard drive.

3- Speedy Innovations

All of these solutions are to speed up innovation and business processes. Many businesses don’t realize that cloud-based, collaborative technologies can also cut down their costs, but it’s true. When you use a tool like MS Office 365 or MS Azure, you eliminate servers, storage units, and hardware while giving your employees access to their files from any device.

A one-stop solution like MS Office 365 offers businesses a holistic way to work together more efficiently.

4- Protected Sensitive Information

As most businesses rely on cloud computing these days, it’s more important than ever to protect sensitive information. One way to accomplish that is by using Azure Information Protection. This service gives you additional control over documents stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365. 

It lets you classify content based on sensitivity, then apply policies so only authorized users can access those files. You can also decide rules to automatically use labels based on user activity or content type—for example, marking all attachments as Confidential when they are added to a document library.

5- Managed Mobile Devices & Applications

Mobile devices are often full of sensitive business data and applications. With virtual machines (VM) technology, you can separate corporate data from personal data, ensuring your company’s information stays safe. You can manage mobile devices using Windows Server Active Directory to create comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) system for your employees.

MDM systems also help you control what applications users have access to on their phones or tablets. For example, an MDM solution can allow employees to install only approved apps onto their phones while blocking any other downloads.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based computing platform that allows developers to build, deploy and manage web applications on public and private clouds.

6- Saves Money Through Cloud Solutions

You can lower your IT costs with cloud solutions. Cloud computing costs less than traditional on-premises systems for small and medium-sized businesses. According to an IDC study, cloud computing saves companies 25% operating costs and 35% capital expenses.

For example, using Office 365 can save you up to 90% of what you would pay for a local server solution. Learn more about how cloud solutions from Microsoft can improve efficiency and lower costs for your business.

7- Simplified Operations And Maintenance

In today’s enterprise, IT admins are often required to handle many disparate responsibilities, including hardware and software procurement, maintenance, monitoring, and maintenance of both on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Azure is Microsoft’s take on simplifying those management tasks, giving admins a single interface for all their cloud services.

Managed Microsoft and IT services in Fort Lauderdale

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