zawadia otieno 2 months ago
Is there any cure for spinal injury? Facts about spinal cord injury -
A spinal injury may result in permanent loss of sensation, strength and function. Rehabilitation and drugs will assist people with spinal cord injuries in living independent and productive lives. Spinal cord injuries cannot be cured but can be healed and managed to aid in the stabilization of the spine. Unfortunately, the damage done to the spinal cord cannot be reversed. Researchers are working on a cutting-edge level of new therapies, such as drugs and prostheses, that can help promote nerve cell regeneration or even strengthen the nerves that remain after a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury may happen due to a number of reasons such as a fall, road accident, violence etc. People with spine injury experience chronic pain. However, there are electronic devices such as modern wheelchairs, computer modifications, robotic gait training, electronic aids to daily living, and electrical stimulation devices to help restore their function.