Aanchal 2 months ago
How to Manage Health & Fitness with a 9-5 Job?
One of the major problems is having no time to stay fit. But we are here to solve this for you with the best solutions: 1. Set a Workout Schedule/Day Routine: Even with a 9-5 job, we still have enough time left for rest of the day. Setting a particular time to workout either early in the morning or in the late evening can help you stay fit. Of course, we all can manage taking out at least an hour for ourselves in a day right? Just like we do it for a hangout, movies etc! It’s all about priority. 2. Carry Homemade Meals & Snacks: Instead of eating junk on a daily basis at the cafeteria, prefer carrying regular homemade meals consisting of a portion sized balanced diet or ordering lunch from the easily available tiffin services. Also, carrying healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, vegetable salads, roasted lotus seeds & chickpeas, greek yogurt can help nourish yourself better & save extra calories coming out of snacks like a pizza slice, cold drinks, chips etc. 3. Limit Caffeine: We often end up having a lot of caffeine in form of our regular Indian style teas, coffee in our office hours & we do not count on our extra calorie consumption due to sugar intake & other ingredients used. It’s better to switch to low calorie beverages like green tea or black coffee to save up extra calories but that too in limit. 4. Drink Water: A lot of extra work makes us feel stressed which release more of hunger pangs or to better use the word “cravings” which is the major reason behind unhealthy weight gain. To reduce false hunger, it is important to stay hydrated with water & of course also to see more benefits of this natural magical drink! 5. Take a Walk Break: Avoid sitting straight for an hour or two. It’s better to take a 2 minutes walk around the office area after every 30 minutes of sitting time, which will release your stress and burn some calories too! 6. Use Stairs: Instead of using the elevator, prefer using stairs in the office to reach your working area. It is fun, healthy & you do not have to wait for the elevators too! 7. Do a Chair Stretch: Basic stretches & rotations of shoulder, back, neck & legs can help you not only prevent yourself from stiffness or posture problems but also release stress, pain & make you feel better. 8. Set a Sleep Routine: Making sleep routine as important as diet & workouts is a necessary factor, which will give you several benefits of recovery, immunity, energy & stay overall fit! Do not compromise your sleep for extra work hours. 9.Find yourself an healthcare packgae which not only includes basic services but health insurance, discounted medicines, teleconsultation, healthcheckups and much more. Stay fit. Stay healthy!