Powertrac 434 Price is open to the worth extent of Rs. xx Lakhs to Rs. xx Lakhs.

This tractor  is outfitted with various advanced features which help to extend its handiness in farms. It  has a 37 HP, 3 Cylinder engine, which has a 2146 cc limit. The tractor  has an Oil shower type Air Filter and Water Cooled Cooling System. It has a solitary Friction Plate Clutch and Full Constant cross section transmission.8 Forward Gear and 2 Reverse Gear gives smooth inclusion with movement. Powertrac 434 Plus has Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disk brakes and a 1500 kg Lifting limit. Tractor tires give extra flawlessness while working it in farm works. The tractor  has a 6 X 16 Front Tire and 12.4 X 28/13.6 X 28 Rear Tire, which has a 2WD Drive type.

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