One of the most popular queries that popped up while visiting a cosmetic outlet is What color makeup should I wear”. This also holds for foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and other cosmetics. Most people are unsure about whether colors will complement their skin tone or facial features. To make matters worse, we now live in a time when color possibilities are more than ever before. 

Its quite evident from Online makeup shopping in Pakistan and other sources like Videos of bloggers and web stars wearing rainbow palettes full of technicolor shadows and blushes that are present on the internet. Understandably, we’d feel overwhelmed. But before entertaining it further let us give you a little course in color theory and the makeup color wheel to help you out.

Basics about Art of Colors

Color is divided into three categories: hue, saturation, and depth. The hue is the actual color, such as red, blue, or brown. We should first evaluate the colors of our complexion, hair, and eyes when deciding which hue will work best for us. People with blond hair and blue eyes, for example, look great with gold and brown eyeshadows. People with tan skin and brown eyes look nice in grey, silver, and blue eyeshadows, while those with a cool or pink undertone look good in soft pink blush and lipstick.

The intensity of a color is measured by its saturation. Colors with high saturation work well for dramatic appearances, whereas colors with low saturation look gentler. For example, we want a blush that isn’t too saturated for a natural-looking, daytime pink blush. The saturation of a red lipstick used in the evening is often desired. Remember that just because a color is highly saturated does not mean it is dark. It will only be intense or brilliant against your skin tone.

Of course, depth refers to how light or dark a hue is. When choosing the depth of your cosmetic colors, consider the depth of your skin. A color that is too light may not appear, while a color that is too dark may appear more dramatic than you desire. Olay cosmetics in Pakistan offers a large variety in this category. When it comes to selecting colors that complement one’s features, they consider the color of their skin, eyes, and hair. Monochromatic means utilizing colors that contrast with our features. Contrasting colors are those on the opposite side of the color wheel, whereas monochromatic colors are those that match.

Color Wheel for Makeup

Let’s take a deeper look at the makeup color wheel. Blue eyeshadow was once considered to make the eyes appear bluer, but we soon discovered that the pigment in blue eyeshadow is always bluer than the eyes, making the eyes appear less blue in comparison. We discovered colors like orange, gold, and copper contrast well with blue eyes, making them appear bluer in comparison. Similarly, purple makes green eyes look even more green. Brown eyes might be perplexing because blue is the closest color to brown. In actuality, a cool hue like grey, platinum, or silver may make a brown eye look just as lovely.

It’s crucial to remember that you don’t have to wear these colors to make your eyes seem beautiful. In most eye colors, we’ve discovered that varying amounts of skin tones, gentle browns, and neutral taupe look stunning. On any eye color, I like to use our Sweet Spot Eyeshadow Trio, Naturally Matte Kit, or Daytime Eyeshadow Kit. These are all-purpose palettes. Olay cosmetics in Pakistan provides a large range of Cosmetics online.

Correction Before Enhancement

We might experiment with new colors but, before we go about designing our style and selecting the colors we desire, we must first examine our faces and ensure that any discoloration we don’t like is corrected. In this matter we can find different Online makeup shopping stores in Pakistan If we have discoloration, we don’t need heavy concealer or theatrical makeup to cover it up. With color-correcting makeup, we work smarter, not harder. 

A yellow-based concealer or a yellow-based foundation can undoubtedly minimize redness around your eyes or in your cheeks. Use a peach concealer to cover up dark circles that are grey, blue, or purple. This is also helpful for hyperpigmentation. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to conceal the discoloration. Once your skin is even-toned and your dark circles are hidden, you can use any blush or eyeshadow color without fear of bringing these flaws to light.

Dramatic Vs Natural

Another issue that buyers face is whether they can pull off extreme appearances. We wear a color once, receive a few compliments, and then assume that’s what we’re supposed to wear, but we’re capable of much more variety than we realize. Make no similarities to how you ordinarily appear when you gaze in the mirror. Examine yourself as if you were a random stranger on the street. You might be surprised! Also, don’t be scared to experiment with red.

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