Solis Tractor offers a variety of models and has become one of the fastest growing tractor brands in India. Solis tractors engine starts from 27 horsepower to 60 horsepower. Popular Solis tractor models are Solis hybrid 5015 E1 2wd, Solis 6024 S, Solis 4515 E 4WD, Solis 5015 E, Solis 4215 E, Solis 4215 E 4WD and many more models. 
Solis tractor Price is economical as it starts from Rs 5.50 to 8.80 Lacs. This brand’s used tractors are pretty less expensive and accessible. Any farmer of any type ought to reflect on consideration on shopping for it due to the fact it falls into their rate range.The costs of Solis tractors in India in 2022 is pretty fair.

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