Nowadays, there are a dime a dozen video games, but not all of them are worth wasting your time on. If you are a real fan of gaming, you should know some of the most successful game developers. These guys have changed the world of video games forever because they’ve created something completely different and thrilling. Personally, I adore strategy games cause they are right up my valley. I’ve heard a lot about Sid Meier, the father of strategies, but I had no idea that he is among the top game developers. I read about him and some other talented guys in the post “Some of the most successful game developers in the history of video games and their story.” Thanks to Meiers brilliant ideas and strategies, millions of players were attracted to his strategies. Another famous guy is David Jaffe. He was the one who created the God of War. Damn, it was my favorite game a few years ago! Young gamers probably have no clue who this legendary person is, but everyone who was crazy about gaming in the 90’s knows this guy for sure! He was proficient in the action-adventure genre. Yeap, even the world’s critics named him a top developer of all time!

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