Those days are gone when just women’s magazines reigned in the marketplace. In today’s world, we have an infinite number of men’s and women’s magazines available in India, offering information on nearly anything. This list features some of the greatest men’s magazines in India that you can check out this season, whether you’re seeking articles on sports, film, fitness, literature, technology, or just want to flick through the pages for some hearty amusement. You can also find a list of the best women’s magazines, as well as the best health magazines and top fashion magazines in India, if you read further the blog.

5 Best Fashion Magazines For Guys To Follow

1. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine is still one of the top fashion mags after more than 150 years in print. Harper’s Bazaar, with its New York City flare, provides you the newest fashion news from respected designers and trends in mens printed shirts to Indian ethnic wear as well as must-have beauty tips from specialists. Beautiful photographs, outfit ideas for any occasion, information on forthcoming events, and more can be found here!

2. Allure

Allure’s is # 1 among the leading Fashion Magazines, as a beauty expert, provides exclusive ideas and recommendations on the newest trends. Find recommendations for every skin type, face shape, and personality, including skin and hair care, cosmetics, clothing, and more. Save time by letting professionals and fellow readers help you locate the best goods for you!

3. GQ Magazine

GQ, formerly Men’s Quarterly, is one of the most famous men’s fashion magazines, online blog and an online shopping portal. GQ Magazine is a well-established Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle publication that focuses on the requirements of today’s guys, from celebrities to everyday men looking for the newest fashion trends. Articles include a wide range of topics for guys, from hygiene and fashion to celebrities and sports.

4. Men’s World

Man’s World is the only Indian publication that has achieved global recognition. It is a men’s luxury lifestyle magazine that covers a wide range of topics including fashion, autos, travel, food and drink, sports, film, electronics, literature, and fitness. It’s more geared at broad amusement. In January of 2000, the first edition was published.

5. Fashion For Men

This is the one magazine you can buy every year to get a picture of every critical piece of menswear. Milan Vukmirovic is a designer, photographer, editor, stylist, and buyer who excels in all of them. He was a co-founder of the Parisian shop Colette and worked for Jil Sander and Tom Ford before co-founding L’Officiel Hommes in 2005. Fashion For Men, his newest book, promises to be the ultimate fashion bible for men. You’ll surely get your money’s worth with immaculate editorials taken by some of the top photographers in the game: this yearly tome is virtually the size of a quantum physics textbook.

6. FHM Magazine

In the world of fashion magazines .FHM  Magazine is the most widely read and most widely distributed men’s lifestyle and fashion publication. FHM Magazine is unquestionably the most popular men’s periodical. Dating advice, style advice, viral news, life hacks, sports, and entertainment.

7. POP Eye

The land of the rising sun is the coolest place on the planet, as Wes Anderson’s recent fan letter to Japan, Isle Of Dogs, proved. We don’t write the rules, after all. That is simply a fact. As a result, the Japanese street style magazine Popeye should be the only place for hypebeasts to go. You’ll discover articles like ‘When I Was 20 Years Old’ and ‘City Boys’ Habitats’, which are informative, fascinating, and elegant without sliding into pretentiousness.

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