Using Instagram hashtags has become pretty popular because of its ability to generate more views for a particular post. When you use a hashtag in the description of a photo, video, or reel you shared, it increases the visibility of the post a lot, making it more discoverable to users who are simply scrolling through Instagram or searching on the search bar for posts of a particular niche. 

This is the reason why Instagram hashtags have become one of the most essential and viable strategies for marketing on Instagram. Many users and digital marketers have said that the use of hashtags on Instagram can make or break a person or a business’s social media strategy for Instagram. 

Therefore, if you want to know what are the most trending hashtags on Instagram in 2022, then continue reading to find out what they are and use them in your posts to gain more views!

Top Instagram Hashtags

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The most popular Instagram hashtags that Instagrammers have been using in 2022 so far are:

#Love (1.8 billion)

Posting a cute selfie with your partner in crime to showcase your love for each other is one of the cutest things on Instagram. Whether it’s with your partner, your friends, or your family, typing in #love will definitely go a long way in making your feelings look genuine. 

With over 1.8 billion uses this year alone. #love is by far the most trending Instagram hashtag. Use it to signify your love for something or someone and see the views and like pouring in. 

#Instagood (1.15 billion)

Do you think you are feeling very good today? If you wake up in the morning after having a good sleep, feeling all energized and refreshed to tackle the hassles of the day, then why not click a selfie-and just type #instagood?

With over 1.15 billion posts being made with the Instagram hashtag this year, it seems like a lot of people are feeling good this year. The reason – can be anything, from feeling good about yourself or even finding joy in the smallest things in life. 

#Fashion (812 million)

Even if you don’t know how to clear your Instagram cache, you can still showcase your love for the beauty and the bizarre with your eccentric fashion sense. Click a selfie or get a photoshoot of yourself done to showcase to the world your clothing style so that they can get inspired by it and try it out for themselves too. 

Being one of the most popular Instagram hashtags, #fashion, has been used by influencers and fashion models worldwide, being used north of 812 million times in various posts this year. 

#Photooftheday (797 million)

Clicking good photos takes good skill. Whether it’s a selfie, a group photo, or a highly edited picture of a place you recently visited, #photooftheday has been trending as an Instagram hashtag quite a lot this year, being used 797 million times so far. 

#beautiful (661 million)

Beauty is a subjective term because you can turn off seen on Instagram. This is because it has no boundaries and has no proper definition. Everyone has different preferences and different interpretations as to what beauty is. Therefore, use the Instagram hashtag #beautiful to signify what you believe is beautiful in your eyes. So far, in 2022, it has been used 661 million times.

#art (649 million)

Art is everlasting. Expressing your creative self on Instagram by posting a picture of your artwork and typing in #art on the description can get some more eyes to be turned towards you. Whether it’s a simple portrait sketch of someone or a more detailed representation of scenic beauty, art is the best way to express your creative side. 

This Instagram hashtag has been used around 649 million times so far in 2022.

#photography (583 million)

If you are a photographer and go on regular photo walks and photoshoots, then you definitely should display your skills by using the Instagram hashtag #photography

This hashtag has been used 583 million times this year, with photographers around the world displaying their skills with the camera. This is one of the best hashtags on Instagram to promote your photography skills and get clients if you are a professional photographer.

#Happy (578 million)

With the Covid pandemic leaving behind heaps of dead bodies as it passed through, it is about time people need some well-deserved pat on their backs and a break to be happy and more optimistic about the future. Just post a selfie with yourself with your friends or your pet and type in #happy at the end to spread the love with others too, which has been done 578 million times in 2022. You can also feel happy about learning how to mute someone on Instagram.

#Picoftheday (570 million)

If you believe you have clicked the best picture that yui have eve clicked in your lifetime, then just type in #picoftheday and see the number of views that you will get and also understand what people feel about your picture. 

#Cute (569 million)

If you think you look cute, or your pet does, then just click a picture and type in #cute at the end to see the views and likes to rake in. This Instagram hashtag is popular amongst pet lovers and baby picture lovers who mostly follow this hashtag. Therefore, make use of it to get your picture recommended and suggested in posts of pet and baby picture lovers. 


Instagram hashtags are one of the best ways to generate more views and likes for your Instagram photos, videos, stories, and reels. Therefore, start using these ten trending hashtags right now in your posts to see your follower count rise up significantly in no day at all!

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