Preet Tractor Price begins from Rs. 3.81 to 8.20 Lakh in 2022.Preet has rather efficient, low – preservation price tractors are supplied in vast vary of 35 HP to 90 HP, in a similar way the Combine harvesters are presented in seventy five HP and a hundred and ten HP for multicrop, paddy etc.The genesis of “PREET” dates returned to 1980 when preliminary manufacturing of threshers, reapers and agricultural implements commenced, this small step by way of Enterpreneur Mr. Hari Singh alongside with his youthful sibling Mr. Gurcharan Singh laid the basis of “Preet Agro Industries”. Initially beginning with Straw Reapers, Threshers and Agricultural implements, the duo launched their first tractor pushed mix harvester in 1986. This germinal thought of harvesters with impartial R&D gave start to the exceptional recognised mannequin from Preet tractor secure lovingly referred as “987” among farming community. The ride on account that inception until date is end result of perpetual ardour and devoir by way of Mr. Hari Singh for fellow farmers had been crammed with many innovations.

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