Malegra 50 mg became the foremost well-liked treatment for male erecticle dysfunction problems. Malegra 50 mg may be a fast-acting medicine which will previous up to four hours. It works well for men at any age, no matter however long the patient has been having problems obtaining ANd maintaining an erection.

Malegra 50 may be a robust and sexually appealing formula for treating impotence. Men’s sensual output is boosted by the dazzling 50mg drug form, which inspires sexually stirred men to portray a balanced sex life ahead. whereas the difficulty is usually thought to be psychological, biology might also be concerned. male erecticle dysfunction, or ED, may be a condition during which it’s troublesome to get or maintain a solid enough erection for gender. This medication causes muscle cells within the penial space to relax and blood flow to extend. once taken carefully, this 50mg anit-impotence drug change state pill produces the simplest performance.

What is Malegra 50?

Malegra is AN oral drug that’s utilized in the treatment of symptoms associated with male erecticle dysfunction, male impotence. male erecticle dysfunction are often caused by many factors like psychological trauma, stress, depression, redness, or polygenic disorder. Malegra 50 mg may be a reliable resolution for male sexual issues.

Malegra 50 mg may be an FDA-approved drug that’s clinically tested and approved for public use and is a cost-efficient resolution. Malegra 50 may be a drug is generally prescribed for erectile disorder issues. It facilitates to realize a organization and long erection for gender. It carries a full of life facet anit-impotence drug change state may be a energy of fifty mg.

Malegra may be a drug is generally prescribed for erectile disorder issues. It carries a full of life facet anit-impotence drug change state may be a energy of fifty mg. it’s artificial with the help of victimization Sunrise treatments that’s a noted producer, supplier, and businessperson of pharmaceutical things licenced below medical standards.

How to Use Malegra 50mg?

Malegra 50 mg is that the customary dose of the medication, that is comfortable to supply the total result in virtually eightieth of men. It has to be taken on AN empty abdomen and isn’t compatible with alcohol. Relying upon your state of health and also the outcome received, your indefinite quantity are often diminished to twenty five mg or accumulated to 100mg. Taking Malegra 100mg once in each twenty four hours helps men to achieve AN occasional robust result.

Several pharmacies supply Malegra within the USA over-the-counter, however we have a tendency to suggest shopping for it solely on prescription to create certain it’s appropriate for you.

How will Malegra 50mg Work?

Malegra 50 mg works to relax the graceful muscles and improve the blood flowing to the member, particularly within the corpus cavernosa. It will this within the following way:

Sildenafil change state is that the main active ingredient of Malegra 50mg, that may be a PDE-5 substance. Malegra 50mg expands the blood vessels within the body by stopping the action of the PDE-5 accelerator, increasing the blood offer to the erectile bodies of the genitalia. As a result, the member gets accumulated in size and hardens.

Malegra 50mg has to be taken 30-60 minutes before the planned sexual act. the consequences of the medication typically last for 4-6 hours. However, supported the overall health of the users, the length of the result might vary.

In addition to treating male erecticle dysfunction, Malegra can even be utilized in the treatment of pneumonic high blood pressure and hypoxia.


• Not to be taken by girls.

• Not to be consumed by kids.

• Not to be taken as medication for STDs.

• The pill ought to be consumed whole. to not be crushed or chewed.

• Never to be taken while not a doctor’s prescription.

• You should scan the leaflet given the medication box for a whole understanding of the indefinite quantity.

• Never to combine with alternative medication while not your doctor’s data.


Tell your doctor if you have;

• An hypersensitivity reaction to anit-impotence drug 100mg or excipients within the formulation.

• Kidney illness or disease.

• Had a coronary failure at intervals the last ninety days.

• Chest pain throughout s*x, heart condition, AN abnormal heartbeat, high or low force per unit area, or a stroke at intervals the last six months.

• Older folks (60 or older) might have additional facet effects. thus use this drug with care.

• Use this drug with alternative medication. you may have additional facet effects.

Side effects:

• Nosebleed

• Heartburn

• Dizziness

• Diarrhea

• Blurry Vision

• Sensitivity to lightweight

• Hearing loss

• Flushing

• Urinary tract infections

• Muscle aches

• Sleep disturbances

• Fainting


• Keep this Malegra 50 side effects medication out of the eyes and reach of kids.

• This healthful product doesn’t would like any special storage conditions.

• Do not use medication once the termination date that is written on the carton label and blister foil once ‘EXP’?

• The termination date means that the Day of Judgment of that month.

• Pill mustn’t be thrown in waste product or menage waste.

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