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Magic and illusions are always earning a special place in our hearts. Magics are an all-time favorite among every age person. Most of the movies which are based on magic are mostly viewed by the kids. 

But can you ignore the magical parts and views of these movies? We think nobody can deny the beautiful stories and the fairy tale godmother’s magic. When you are asking about the best magic movies, you will get multiple choice of films. 

After 2020 almost all of us need some magic to make our life smooth and take away the bad memories of 2020. The film industry does not make us discouraged. They start to publish their movies on Netflix and other movie-watching platforms.

 The kids are happier to achieve this facility. As of 2020, the kids mostly stay in their houses. They could not play outside, and the school was also closed. The indoor games and watching the different movies are the two basic entertainment ways available for the kids.

5 Best 2021 Trendy Movies About Magic


The movies about magic are all-time favorites among all the viewers. Now the new trendy best magic movies are becoming more attractive with importing nice animation and beautiful graphics.

Each year the movie picture quality is improving. 2021 is the year when the movie production houses are also making their movies more robust and attractive with the proper utilization of the new technology and the graphics.

Now take a glimpse at the list where you will get the new trendy upcoming magical movies name 

1. The Old Guard

2020 is not about the pandemic and the lockdown. Many production houses that have to keep their production pending are starting their movie launching promotions. The Old Guard is a 2020 American fantasy film directed by Gina Prince-Blythewood. 

Greg Rucka wrote the comic book The Old Guard. This is one of the top magic movies of 2020. From July 2020, it was available on Netflix. The movie is a good combination of fantasy, thrill, and magic.

The movie is getting almost 80% of the approval from the viewers because of the nice graphics and good storyline. This movie is mainly popular among viewers of age over 16.

2. Godmothered

Godmothered is one of the special magic movies for kids in 2021. This movie is based on a fantasy story. The little humor and the short fairytale stories are the basic plots of the Godmothered. The movie’s best part is the small and sweet childish storyline with the touch of little magic.

This movie production house is the largest child movie production house, Walt Disney Pictures. The first promotion date was 4th December 2020. Almost 80 % of the viewers of the movies are less than 16 years old. This is one of the most excellent magic movies on netflix.

The actor Jillian Bell has portrayed the lead role of the story.

The story is very simple: how to get the training to be a fairy godmother. The main character is Eleanor, and she is eager to help a little girl. And she is going to take the training to be a fairy godmother. If you want to know the end result of the story, you must see the movie first.

3. Mulan

Almost all of the 90s kids are fond of Mulan’s character. It was an animated American fantasy movie based on a novel. At that time, almost 90% of the viewers are giving positive feedback. The story was strong, and the good picture is making the magic.

After 1998 in 2021 Walt Disney is making another blockbuster film based on the story of Mulan. This movie is also made for children. Walt Disney is producing its 36th animated feature by Mulan based on the Chinese true character Hua Mulan. 

The promotion of the film was planned for March 2020. But due to the pandemic situation, the promotion of the film is getting late. Then it was fixed on the date of December 2021. But we are waiting patiently because we all know the Walt Disney pictures are worth the long waits.
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4. The Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 is a 2020 American Christmas comedy film that has a previous part released in 2018. The director and the producer of the film are Chris Columbus. In the 2018 movie, the Santa role was played by the actor Kurt Russell. We can see the continuation of the role in the second part of the Christmas Chronicles 2.

The story of the movie is quite sweet and childish. All we have a single dream when we were a child, we all want to see Santa. And these childhood dreams are becoming real within the movie. The two siblings Kate and Teddy, are planning to capture Santa at the time of Christmas.

The movie is full of fun and adventures, which revives the Christmas vibes for any children.

5. Cinderella (2021) 

Without the old-time fairy tale story, the magical movies list was never counted as complete. Once again, the Cinderella of 2021 is catching the spotlight of the fairy tale magical movies. This is a musical movie based on the Cinderella story.

In this movie, all plots are filled with different wishes and different types of magical things. The musical themes and beautiful graphics is making the movie more adoptive towards the children. Not only children, but the childhood bedtime story is also always a favorite among all age viewers.

The movie is written and directed by Key Kennon. This is a modern musical combo of the older fairy tale movie. Camila Cabello portrays the lead role of Cinderella, and Billy porter played the Fairy godmother’s role.


Magical movies are an all-time favorite in every age of people. As we all know, many Hollywood magical movies are for people of all ages. The fairytales and the magic are making us remember our sweet cherished childhood. The movies about magic are never getting old in the aspect of the memories, values, and fun factors. All five movies are the best choice of movies for the magic-loving viewers.

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