physiQure is a chain of advanced physiotherapy clinics. It is a startup organization in the rehabilitation industry, which was initiated in 2020 and has grown over the years. It has 6 centres till now. 4 in Bhopal, 1 in Sagar and 1 in Mandideep.

Their Accomplishments

At Sagar, a 100 bedded residential neuro-rehabilitation centre is coming soon. At the neuro-rehab centre, extensive treatment for paralysis patients will be done. It aims for speedy recovery in a shorter period. It will be a kind of robotic centre where a qualified physiotherapist team along with neurologists and other medical professionals will be working hand in hand.

PhysiQure desires to set up more rehabilitation centres in different cities shortly. It will also set up a Geriatric centre in Bhopal to help the elderly, who are suffering from age-related illnesses.

During the Covid period, PhysiQure with the help of video calls, helped people by teaching and showing physiotherapy. They will expand this further to serve the people at large.


  • PhysiQure has a team of well trained, qualified and experienced physiotherapists who devotes themselves to procuring the best therapy for rapid healing.
  • PhysiQure follows a top-notch treatment plan to make your recovery painless and fruitful.
  • Personal care provided by PhysiQure focuses on content living by emphasizing accessibility, affordability, and accountability.


They provide services in :

  • Geriatric Care
  • Employee Wellness
  • Paralysis Recovery
  • Spine Health
  • Knee Care
  • Pain Ease
  •  Cardiopulmonary
  • Women’s Health and many more.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care is the care given to elderly people who are above 60 years of age. People of this age group become very vulnerable to various health and age-related problems. Problems like frequent falls due to loss of balance, joint pains, muscle weakness etc become part of their lives.

PhysiQure intends to solve these problems and endeavours to make the elderly population self-dependent. They have adopted a unique Geriatrics care Physiotherapy program to help them.

Paralysis Recovery

Paralysis mostly occurs from stroke and results in the inability of moving muscles or groups of muscles and suffering from numbness in the affected area. Either one side of the body may suffer or both sides.

Physiotherapy can bring major changes and is of immense help to Paralytic patients. PhysiQure provides exceptional services for Stroke patients. They have provision for Home Physio sessions or Advances sessions at their specially designed centres.

Apart from these, they provide valuable services in various other fields as well.


We can say, that PhysiQure is a startup organization in the rehabilitation industry, which is considered the fourth pillar in the health care sector, where independent living is taught to people. Till date, they have looked after 1200 patients in 2 years.

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