Synopsis: concrete block foundation block foundations, well-liked in lots of parts of the country, are vulnerable to quite a lot of structural problems attributable to water infiltration or improper backfilling around foundation partitions. This article explains where the difficulty begins and suggests a number of how to reinforce foundations which can be exhibiting signs of distress. Some fixes do not require intensive excavation.

Bog gardens work finest in sunny, low-lying spots. A tough, soggy area in your yard where water collects is prepared-made for bog gardening. The bottom of a slope or an area close to your own home where the bog could catch runoff from the roof would also work well. Bogs are often cultivated along one or more sides of a pond to create gentle edges that transition naturally into the landscape. You would not need to place a bog on a hillside or in full shade.

If built-ins are possible, put them all over the place you may. For example, a tiny dining room with bookcases constructed on several walls provides a formidable look and plenty of storage. You solely want 8 to 12 inches in depth to create ample storage; put shelves at 12- to 18-inch intervals or dangle hooks at eye level. Flip shelves into cubbyholes — these sensible faculty favorites — by including vertical supports at 12- or 18-inch intervals.

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