Malegra 200 mg contains a functioning fixing Viagra that is FDA-endorsed drug accustomed treat erectile brokenness problems in men. Behind being given in 1998, Malegra 200mg became the foremost thought treatment for erectile brokenness problems. Malegra 200mg is a good drug that may last as long as four hours. It functions commendable for men at no matter stage in life, paying very little mind to however long the patient has been having problems obtaining Associate in Nursingd keeping an erection.

Malegra 200mg Uses:

• Sildenafil turn pill is mostly valuable in erectile brokenness in men. For the erection of erectile organ is most capable streaming of blood by utilizing the Malegra 200mg pill.

• So several mix with depoxatine with Viagra is execute a lot of sexual force in men throughout sex, that’s the reason Malegra 200mg is most use in combine.

• This Malegra medication isn’t secure against HIV and Cupid’s itch, and what is more in an exceedingly sexual sent infection similarly. Within the event of utilization contraceptive for assurance.

• Utilization of coaching latex contraceptive, for improve sex.

How Malegra 200 Mg Works?

Sildenafil turn could be a phosphodiesterase (pde5 ) that may be Associate in Nursing ingredient within the Malegra 200 Mg pill that primarily works in male erecticle dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood into the erectile organ by restful each the penial enlargement in guys. in addition, it works in pulmonic cardiovascular disease by restful the arteries of the lungs permitting blood to flow simply.

How to Take Malegra 200mg?

Malegra 200mg works best just in case it’s needed roughly one hour before sexual movement. To induce Associate in nursing erection, you must be physically reinvigorated. Specialists usually counsel taking one hundred mg day after day, however the measurements is diminished to twenty five mg or distended to one hundred mg if necessary. Attempt to not take over one portion at regular intervals. Malegra 200mg can’t be taken at the same time as totally different prescriptions accustomed treat male erectile brokenness problems. You ought not to take Malegra 200mg with a high-fat supper, since it will diminish the viability of the drugs. Malegra 200mg doesn’t defend you from physically sent diseases.


Instantly decision your health care supplier or reach an area medical emergency facility if you’re imagining the signs of symptoms like Painful erection for quite whereas, flushing, insomnia, etc.

Don’t share your medication with anyone close to you in person or in your relationship if they’ll have similar indicators. it’d cause unwanted results. Systematically guide them to pay a visit to their MD to their continued relief.

Missed Dose:

A incomprehensible dose of Malegra 200 mg is obtained each moment before sex. Forget the dose just in case it’s enough full time to your following dose however doesn’t double the dose to following occasion. several or high doses at exactly constant time will induce fatal outcomes.

Side Effects:

• Headache

• Flushing

• Dyspepsia

• Blurred vision

• Photophobia

• Eye irritation, pain and redness

• Dizziness

• Insomnia

• Anxiety

• Vertigo

• Epistaxis

• Nasal congestion

• Pyrexia

• Diarrheal

• Vomiting


• Store Sildenafil between 15-30°C.

• Store in an exceedingly cool, dry place far from the reach of kids.

• Do not use Viagra that’s expired or out of date.

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