A white platinum ring is a perfect choice for a proposal and wedding. Regarding engagement and wedding preparations, everyone wants to make good choices in every regard.

When it comes to rings, the job gets more exciting. However exciting it is, make sure that the choice you will make in this regard goes on for a long time. Make sure your choice looks pretty and suits your partner’s personality. Before buying a diamond ring, do some research.

Do you know about the white platinum ring and its designs? If not, then this article will help you provide a little research about them.

Wedding or Proposal Rings

Wedding or proposal rings can be all three signs of commitment, durable and elegant. White platinum rings are the perfect choice for couples. Because they don’t wear off quickly, they are durable and don’t need maintenance from time to time.

Why Choose White Platinum

Naturally white

White platinum is white naturally. It doesn’t need different metals to get mixed with it to give it a white color. That is why its color won’t fade away over time.

Rarely found

The price of white platinum is high because it is rarely found and is hard to cut. The price of a platinum diamond ring is 40% to 50% more than other stones like white gold.


Wedding and engagement rings are included in our daily life wear. They are durable. It lets the world know that you are taken and in a serious commitment. You surely want to give that piece of commitment to your partner in good quality so that they can wear it every day without worrying about its repair Maintenance. However, a little maintenance is needed for every jewel you tend to wear daily. So a little polishing after a while could help your ring shine like a new piece of stone.

Ultimate 5 Designs of White Platinum

Pear-shaped white platinum

Pear-shaped white platinum looks elegant as the small piece of diamond looks incredibly stunning and symbolizes your great taste in jewelry and a strong will, unique style, and empowerment.

Suppose that suits your partner’s personality. You should go for a pear-shaped white platinum ring.

Cushion cut platinum ring

Cushion-cut diamond rings are still in fashion. However, the style has been used for centuries still many people opt for it. The price of cushion cut rings is getting high. But still, this design is more affordable than any other diamond design.

Round cut platinum ring

Round cut diamonds are always expensive. They never lost their value. Although the style is traditional, it is one of the most hot-selling stone cut designs sold by the jewels.

Emerald cut diamond ring

The emerald cut is a rare design which is why they are expensive. They look classy and elegant. Due to their shape, they look larger than their size. The look they give is extremely sophisticated. But they are not that easy to find. Because of their unique designs, you won’t find them in the first store you visit.  

Radiant cut diamond ring

Last but not least is a radiant cut diamond ring. It is a design worth it if you are looking for something different that sparkles like a round-cut diamond.


The ring is a piece of jewel that tells the world about your commitment. A white platinum ring is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that suits your partner’s personality and lasts a long time. They are available in different styles. 5 of the ultimate white platinum ring designs are explained in this blog. Check them out and choose the one you think best suits your partner.

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