Sources say an audio has surfaced between employees that suggests that due to CEO Ankiti Bose’s actions against Cofounder Dhruv Kapoor and Sequoia’s Shailendra Singh “serious and credible concerns” were planted about her regarding run-of-the-mill matters.

It also suggested of COO Aadi Vaidya & Dhruv Kapoor being strong armed in case against Ankiti .

Employees are heard talking about the recent expulsion of the Communication Head and the Head of POSH committee Naushaba Salahuddin as the directive for the rest of employees to fall in the line or face the axe .

Sources in Singapore have confirmed that in the meanwhile, Bose is said to have had a 4 hour long meeting with Deloitte this week and detailed out with extensive evidence of multiple instances of harassment, abuse, overreach, breach of fiduciary duty- online and offline, not just with regards to herself as a victim between 2017 to 2022, but also other women and the wider ecosystem with some major power-players involved with dates, times and locations. Bose apparently insisted to keep all discussions “on the record” and shared deeply intimate and private details about her life. Bose, sources say also did not shy away from the fact that she is now officially the source providing information to investigators now on all these matters. Sources say that she apparently has also made an appeal to include incidents that pre-date her being the CEO of Zilingo and go into her former life as long as they pertain to certain individuals. It is not clear whether the investigators will be allowed to venture there. Several employees who have seen the contents of evidence say that – if it leaks, it will be an implosion of the startup ecosystem as some of the biggest names are involved and it really exposes them all.

The fact that Kapoor has not yet been suspended even though there are grave complaints against him and him being the whistleblower against his own cofounder while he is also a director is a direct breach of process. Notably Singapore does not have whistleblower protection laws and Kapoor is said to be afraid that Sequoia has abandoned him after promising a different future.

Bose has on record said during her interrogations that even before any investigations had begun, Sequoia’s Singh said to her that “there may be reputationally helpful ways” for Bose if she was “friendly and cooperative” towards him.

36120cookie-checkLeaked Audio fuels the rumours of Zilingo CEO-coup hatched using fake whistle-blower complaints.

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