Trakstar Tractor Price begins from Rs. 4.81 to 7.20 Lakh in 2022. Trakstar presents a broad vary of 6 tractor fashions in India, and the HP vary starts offevolved from 31 hp to 50 hp. Gromax is an agri-equipment entity with a aim centered on bettering the lives of farmers throughout India, with cheap mechanisation solutions. The organisation believes that the lifestyles of a farmer in India can certainly alternate solely when he can achieve MAXimumGROwth from his inputs. The company’s low priced mechanisation solutions, Trakstar Tractor and TRAKMATE Farm Implements, intention to obtain this task. Trakstar Tractors are manufactured with the aid of Gromax Agri Equipment Ltd. (erstwhile Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd).

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